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Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Treatment in Shreveport, LA

At Palmer and O’Brien Family Dentistry, our oral health professionals have decades of experience performing root canal therapy for patients who have experienced an injury or severe decay. This essential service clears bacteria and infection from the inner portion of your tooth (pulp) when it has been compromised.

What to Expect During Root Canal Therapy

There are several steps that are taken to save your tooth. These can sometimes be completed in one visit but often require more than one appointment.

Images – Our dentist will first take X-rays to show where the decay is located or how the injury affected the structure of the tooth.

Anesthesia – Local anesthesia is administered to the area of the impaired tooth making treatment comparable to receiving a filling.

Pulpectomy – An opening is made at the top of the tooth and the diseased pulp is removed.

Filling – The roots that have been opened are filled with a specially designed, bio-compatible material and sealed off with a special cement.

Crown - To restore the visible portion of the tooth, this prosthetic caps the treated tooth for protection and to return function.

Simple to Complex Cases Handled with Expertise

Root canal therapy has come a long way over the years and is now a highly successful, common procedure. However, certain cases can present a general dentist with challenges.

Our dentists are highly-skilled and can treat virtually any smile that requires root canal therapy. Some of the complications that can accompany a tooth with damaged pulp may include treatment to molars and pre-molars. They contain multiple canals and require an eye for fine detail, thorough irrigation, and meticulous care throughout the procedure. Other conditions that may present problems for less experienced dentists include undiscovered cracks in the tooth root, treatment on a tooth that has undergone other procedures such as preparation for a crown, or re-treatment for a tooth that has had previous root canal therapy that failed.

Why not Extract Those Teeth?

When you lose molars and premolars, you lose the most valuable chewing surfaces you have. You also lose the valuable tooth roots that not only provide a secure hold on the visible portion of your tooth but also stimulate the jawbone, preventing bone loss (resorption) and the look of premature aging that results. To avoid the consequences of bone loss and maintain a healthy smile, dental implants are required to replace the roots after tooth loss.

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